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Will you ESCAPE?

The task seems simple: find clues and solve puzzles in 60 minutes to ESCAPE the room.  This thrilling race against the clock might be more challenging than you think.       

Allen Park

Must Book In Advance



$19.99/mid week

Absolutely!  Escape Rooms are a fun and interactive adventure. They are a bit like video games coming to life!  

*Click to learn about our booking options*

Tired of doing the same ol' thing with your friends?

Get your crew out of their comfort zone by exploring immersive environments, conquering brainteasers, and outwitting enigmas.  Just some unique, crazy fun!

Take the dullness out of Date Night!

Whether a seasoned couple or one in the "Trying to Impress" stage, our Escape Rooms will give you a good chance to have one of the coolest and most unconventional dates that will continue to be a topic in your conversations for weeks after.

Break up the monotony of Family Night!

Your group spends an hour away from screens and *gasp* has to actually interact with each other.  Only working together will help you escape.  Even if you are not successful, you will have bonded over the collaborative experience!  

Hardcore Escape Room Connoisseur?

Our puzzles are intellectually challenging and sophisticated. Besides, you already know the best reward from successfully escaping: PRIDE!  Go for bragging rights and try to top our Leader Board --  Beware: only 3 clues are given.

Is this for me?

Crave a fun team building exercise?

Whether you have students, teams, or clubs, Escape Rooms are the perfect outing to build everlasting trust and comaraderie amongst a group. Watch your troop unite to achieve their goal - all the while, expanding and stretching their brains in ways they never thought possible!

Corporate Events

Does the looming thought of yet another boring work outing elicit groans from your employees?  Escape Rooms offer an interesting alternative to the usual, ho-hum team-building exercises.  Under the guise of overcoming an outrageous obstacle, your employees are forced to efficiently work together and creatively draw up solutions, which helps cement their workplace relationships....  Oh, and it's FUN too!  Contact us to reserve a room and lobby space.  Week days are available, but by appointment only.

Come get locked into our Meltdown room. Do you think you can escape in time before the nuclear meltdown?

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Private Parties 

Reserve a room and lobby space for a quirky and FUN way to commemorate your birthday or bachelor/bachelorette party or any other excuse to celebrate!  We can even personalize it too!  Contact us for details and availability.

*Click to learn about our booking options*

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