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"Had a great time. Only needed a few more seconds to escape. Staff was wonderful, room was awesome, puzzles were unique. We have done a few in the past and this one was the best so far. Highly recommend".
"This was amazing! Great owners and a marvelous time. Can't wait until the new room opens!"
"Sooooo much fun! First time going to an escape room and was awesome. Very mind challenging and intense. Really promotes team work. Can't wait to go again. Highly recommend".
"Our team went to the Clever Clues Escape Room on July 14th and it was such a great experience! I've personally been to five escape the room games and this was one of the most thoughtful, well designed room. The facilitator was professional, helpful, and even gave us a team debrief afterwards so we were able to learn about all the puzzles and our team dynamic. I highly recommend this room to anyone who enjoys puzzles and team building - the place was immaculate and tremendously fun and it shows clearly that the owners care a lot about the design and the customer experience".
"Very friendly staff. Awesome layout of clues. Would definitely go back again. Great time with family and friends".
"The Meltdown room was so much fun! Can't wait to try out new rooms, too".
"I went with my family and it was even better than the ones I've done out in Detroit. It was affordable and a blast. I loved every second of it".
"I went with a group of 8 people. We escaped with 8 minutes and 5 seconds left. It was a blast. Can't wait to go back and try the new room once it's ready!"
"Very fun experience. We had to use our brains in a different way. We will be going again when the new room is open".
"Total of 6 of us in the room, 3 adults, 2 of which are 12 years old and 1 is 8. Had an absolute blast and the kids did amazing, solving a LOT of the puzzles. I HIGHLY recommend checking this place out"
"First escape room that I've been to and it was a blast! Everyone had a great time. We did the more difficult "Meltdown" room and there were several puzzles that required us to divide-and-conquer. It was also nice that they had an employee in the room with us to give little hints here and there. The hints were not dead giveaways either, just a little push in the right direction. I'd definitely come back to try the other room".
"We had so much fun! This was a lot of our first time doing an escape room and we definitely will be coming back to do the other room. We were not able to escape in the 60 minute time span, but we still had such a blast that it didn't even matter."
"Went with 3 other couples who had never been to one and had an absolute blast! Challenging with a clear purpose. Highly recommend".
"I highly recommend Clever Clues Escape room! They were very accomodating for a group of 10 year old girls celebrating a birthday! The precinct was a very fun room and once the girls figured out how to work locks, they were on their way to escaping! Our "helper" in the room was outstanding also! The group can't wait to try the other room now"!

"Coming from 5hours away, we were looking for somewhere fun to go. We looked on trip advisor and saw this place. NOT DISAPPOINTED.

The staff here are amazing and the rooms are challenging and if you get stuck, they will give you hints. You get an hour to "escape the room".

Overall we had a blast and I would recommend this place to the whole family. Tiara, one of the people didn't rush us and she helped us immensely because the puzzle was challenging. She's extremely friendly and no, she didn't pay me to say this"



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