The Meltdown

There has been a malfunction at the nuclear reactor. In one hour, the core will overheat with devastating results. You must use your problem solving and communication skills to stop the impending meltdown AND successfully escape with your lives. Groups who work effectively as a team will be victorious. Don't worry this room isn't scary! This room is designed to be very difficult for groups of 6 or more people.

Difficulty Level:  9.0 - Challenging
Maximum # of People: 10
Minimum # of People: 4
Escape Rate: 20%

The precinct

Detective Smith needs your help in cracking a case where he suspects a dirty cop is up to no good.  He left his Precinct open for you to review evidence and gather information, but you only have until shift change to ID the perp.  This noir style room is great for all skill levels. Don't worry this room isn't scary! 

Difficulty Level: 6.0 - Achievable

Maximum # of People: 10

Minimum # of People: 2

Escape Rate: 40%

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